Original Songs and Sounds from Montana

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New Songs For Butte Mining Camp 

This is an old book from 1917 that inspired a project I worked on recently. You can listen to a recording I recently made at the Clark Chateau's Web site here:


I have a bunch of friends in this project and it's been real fun. Keep checking back because more are recording there and I have some things in the works.

Summer 2018 

Photo by Pastor Tim Christensen

I'm posting a couple images from the Losing So Long album release party in June. It was a great night in Butte. Austin Chronicle music writer Doug Freeman was there with Christy Hays. I greatly appreciate everyone's support. It was excellent to see all that made it. I was on the cusp of a couple opportunities that might have made me take this more serious, but they fell through. I'll soldier on.

This has been a pretty eventful summer. I had gigs with Nathan Kalish of Nashville and Jeff Przech of Connecticut. I got to meet and hang out with Jeff Plankenhorn some at a gig here in town. I met this fantastic Wyoming player named Jalan Crossland earlier this year, as well. Check those people out if you're looking for new music.

I have a few gigs left this season. I'll be at one of my favorite venues, the historic Murray Bar in Livingston, on August 20. I play Norris Hot Springs on Labor Day Weekend, September 1. I will be adding a date in September for the Covellite Film Festival, so keep an eye out for that.

Photo by Ana Nelson Shaw


Album Release Party on June 23 

I'm having an album release party in Butte at the Silver Dollar Saloon. Christy Hays and Helena's Aaron Parrett will also be performing. We had a full band rehearsal last week and it went excellent. I was so excited after that I hardly slept. We're going to have a horn section for this. Everyone involved in the recording of the album will be there.

Here's a link to Christy's video for Ribbon of Highway off her April release, River Swimmer.

Here's a look at Aaron Parrett performing Stumbo Lost Wages at his print shop, Territorial Press.

The Montana Standard published a piece on my album last weekend.

I restocked up on T-shirts and have a bunch of albums to sell at the show. I'll have a one-time T-shirt and album deal that night. I hope to see you there.

New Album Is Available 

The new album is available. Right now, you can find it in Butte at Spadeball Ink and Venus Rising. It's also available in Anaconda at Beyond Necessities and Shift Change Men's Wear.

You can find this album just about everywhere you can imagine online, including web sites in Europe. Some of the places you can find it include iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Rhapsody.

There will be album release parties in Anaconda at the Owl Bar on June 15 (solo) and in Butte at the Silver Dollar Saloon on June 23. I'd recommend buying a hard copy of the album. The art that comes with the album came out amazing. We took a long time to work on it and Copycats Media really came through with a fantastic printing job.

I made some thank yous that I couldn't include with the space we had with the art. I'll just leave it here for you.

Special thanks to Chris, Cheryl, Bobby, Christy, Mandy and Ryan Eamon, Ed Lewalk, Matt and Lucy Frey, Frank Ruffolo, James Murphy, Darren Dorlaque, Chad Okrusch, Heather Lingle, Chad Ball, Michael Masters, Scot Gibson, Ken Rich, Sean Devine, Christy Hays, Dave Hays, Jeryd Richman, Bill O’Connor, T. Scot Wilburn, Bryan McGregor, Paula Canfield, Allen Grantham, John Dendy, Larry Hirshberg, Joey Running Crane, Dark Sevier, Don Andrews, Brian Boyd, Gordon Wanamaker, Jarod Yerkes, George Fiddler, Amanda and Kevin Curtis, Matt Boyle, William Stafford, Andrea Cross Guns, Roxann Journey, Pat Ryan, Bruce Sayler, Bill Foley, Howard Smith and the people that worked directly on this album. I’m forgetting some, but you know who you are. This effort would not have happened without your past encouragement.

Introducing Losing So Long 

This is a song titled I'm Hurtin'. It's the first track and single off my upcoming album. This will be available online on June 1. I will have hard copies in hand a little before then. Stay tuned and I'll be posting more information about this album.

Fresh Promotional Photography 

Photo by Janny Richter

I have some new promotional photos up in the photos section. The art was film photography by Janny Richter of Prague, Czech Republic. He had to return there to use his dark room.

I should have another update soon. Until then, I'm working, writing and doing occasional shows.

New Album in the Works 

Photos by Lucy Frye.

I went into the Len Waters Music Studio in Butte on August 12-13 and began recording my next album. I didn't just begin, we made a lot of ground and more than eighty percent of the music is in the can. I was a little surprised because I thought it sounded similar to my 2015 release, probably because I'm singing and playing guitar on it. It will be quite a bit different by the time it's done, in theme, songs and sounds. Props to everybody that came by to either play on the sessions or just for some support in good humor.

I have a few shows left on the slate for this year. I'm planning on taking the winter off of live shows, except for maybe if a couple things pop up close to home where I don't have to hit the winter roads so much. I have two shows at the Silver Dollar Saloon in the next two weeks. There will be another show in Butte with a couple local songwriters in late September or early October. Then a show at a brewery in Butte on a Friday the 13th in October, and after a show at Jester's in Helena on October 14. I had a great time at Jester's earlier this summer so I'm looking forward to going back.

Since March I've lost more than twenty pounds and put on some muscle, even though it didn't show in some of the pictures we took from the sessions. I have a gym across the hall at work and it's been working wonders. Just enjoying life in general has helped, too.

Summer Happenings 

I'll be performing at the Bob Marshall Music Festival on July 14 and 15 in Seeley Lake. Pretty impressive lineup of roots and rock bands. I'm also going to playing a party for my favorite community radio station, KBMF 102.5 FM, in Butte at the Covellite Theatre on the night of June 17. I'll be on the Montana musicians stage along with a couple very respected and talented songwriters, Larry Hirshberg and Joey Running Crane. There's been a lineup change in the band over the last few months. We are inching our way toward the recording studio this summer. The new stuff is a little more rock than the last album, but retains some of the country soul that I do.

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Previous events


Sean Eamon

The Owl Bar, 819 East Third Street, Anaconda, MT

This will be a solo show and album release party near the streets where Sean grew up. Years ago the Owl Bar was a popular hangout for smeltermen, like Sean's father and grandfather. Anaconda songwriter and guitarist Jeryd Richman will do a guest set. Show is slated to start at 9 p.m.