From Muddy Creek in Butte

Photo by Don Andrews. Last week at Muddy Creek in Butte. We have two really solid sets now.

From the Murray Bar in Livingston

An artist in Livingston did a nice piece of work featuring Frank Ruffalo and T. Scot Wilburn during our performance last week. Sweet use of water color there.
Looking forward to playing Muddy Creek Brewery here in Butte next week.

New Merchandise Available at Shows

I have shows in Livingston and Butte coming up. I'm going to have to new merchandise to sell at these gigs. We opened a year with a bang in Helena last month. Ask anyone that was there. Really looking forward…Read more

Looking Forward to the New Year

Last year was a pretty wild one for me. I never imagined in my life I would have Ramblin' Jack Elliott at one of my shows and would hear him. The debut we had at the Murray Bar in Livingston…Read more

The View from Norris Hot Springs

Photo by Sean Eamon

My trip to Norris Hot Springs went well. I performed a couple solo sets for the soakers. The show started with about 20 people in the pool, then about 50 were in there when I finished…Read more

Sean Eamon and the Walkaways at Muddy Creek

Some nice shots from award-winning Muddy Creek Brewery in Butte by Lucy Frey. She's a nice little photographer.
This week I'll be at Norris Hot Springs on Friday. On Wednesday, Nov. 11 I'll be in the Missoula area for the…Read more